Call or Email Our Office Contact our office and we will schedule a convenient time for you to meet with one of our trained craftsmen at your home or rental property.

CONTACT US for more information.

Estimate / Consultation Our team of craftsmen / handymen will look over the job and give you a written estimate of the wok to be done, as well as a preliminary schedule of when the work can be completed.

Scheduling & Ordering Materials Once the work order / estimate is signed by the homeowner, the work will be scheduled by our craftsman. Material can be provided for by the homeowner or the craftsman. Either way, we will procure all materials necessary to complete the project on behalf of the homeowner. Our work orders / estimates are for labor only, and all material costs will be at additional charge to the homeowner.

Construction We will complete the project according to the contract. Any additional labor required to accomplish the work in a timely fashion will be arranged for by Affordable Remodeling.

Completion & Warranty Upon completion of work, the craftsman will do a final cleanup of the site, and will perform a final walkthrough with the client to insure 100% satisfaction.

SERVICES Leave your home maintenance projects to the professionals, and enjoy your precious leisure time as you wish. We work weekends, so you don't have to.

No matter the project, you can rely on our experienced craftsmen to provide you with quality workmanship in your home.